Let's see how fast I can make $2117.91 USD. The goal is by end of day, Sunday March 18th.

I made it! 🎉

Income to earn: $0.00!
In the bank: $47.00.
Contracted but not yet invoiced: $2100.91.

I am live-blogging my entire process and thought patterns over the three day challenge here. Follow along!

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- Mon at 00:47 - How did it go?
- Sun at 19:14 - The crash
- Sun at 17:12 - Art
- Sun at 13:02 - Jekyll Scheduler builds on command
- Sun at 10:35 - Goal achieved
- Sun at 02:10 - Express, Heroku, and OAuth conquered
- Sat at 19:23 - At the bleeding edge
- Sat at 16:56 - Getting Probot working
- Sat at 15:54 - Providence at the cafe
- Sat at 15:14 - Business models for Jekyll Scheduling
- Sat at 14:48 - Negative feedback
- Sat at 14:35 - Scheduled Jekyll Posts
- Sat at 09:56 - Morning reflections
- Sat at 00:59 - First day post mortem
- Sat at 00:21 - Better navigation
- Sat at 00:03 - Working blog
- Fri at 22:56 - Setting up a blog
- Fri at 18:06 - Adventure branding
- Fri at 16:03 - Patreon Post
- Fri at 15:36 - Afternoon goals
- Fri at 13:28 - Hunger
- Fri at 13:06 - Marketing this project
- Fri at 12:40 - Machine Learning?
- Fri at 11:54 - Probot
- Fri at 11:42 - First Client!
- Fri at 11:13 - Small notes and Buffer
- Fri at 10:33 - Reputation
- Fri at 10:32 - First Contact
- Fri at 10:19 - The First Tweet
- Fri at 10:12 - Introduction

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Small notes and Buffer

Started a new way of writing these. Just number them, don’t write the heading until afterwards. Then, rename them. By the way, I am writing these in Atom, although iA Writer is my favourite writing program. Atom is closer to the code.

I had some weird issues with Buffer. It was hard to set the time for close tweets - I had to manually click the right time. I wonder if there is an easier programmatic way. Something to look into. No interaction with those recent tweets either - worrying?

I just had my call with Brian. He and I are going to work on the marathon training for July together, now, as accountability partners. Once a week setups.

He also said he was reading Ukrainian National Geographics. I am curious about what those look like. Might be fun to start a National Geographic covers website. I’ve asked him to email the National Geographics covers he has to me as pictures. This might be the right time to learn flexgrid.

This post is not really coherent. I’m going to wait posting it until something more meaningful happens.


Ok, there is a JavaScript wrapper for their API, here. It’s run by a third party, and isn’t used much. I wonder why that is? Buffer has an Open Source page, but it’s not very well done; it is mostly just links to GitHub repositories, and it doesn’t talk about the kind of work that Buffer does for open source, or why it is an open source company. It’s more a registry that I could find at @bufferapp on GitHub.

I’ve pinged a few developers about the API, there. I’m going to contact my personal contact at Buffer, too - he might be interested in @mntnr’s work, I think. That might be a good venue.

One idea that occurs to me is to build a simple scheduler for Buffer’s API, and release it as open source. Make a CLI tool for it, or an app online where people can pay for using it by just typing in dates. It’s an idea.

Beam me home, Scotty!