Let's see how fast I can make $2117.91 USD. The goal is by end of day, Sunday March 18th.

I made it! 🎉

Income to earn: $0.00!
In the bank: $47.00.
Contracted but not yet invoiced: $2100.91.

I am live-blogging my entire process and thought patterns over the three day challenge here. Follow along!

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- Mon at 00:47 - How did it go?
- Sun at 19:14 - The crash
- Sun at 17:12 - Art
- Sun at 13:02 - Jekyll Scheduler builds on command
- Sun at 10:35 - Goal achieved
- Sun at 02:10 - Express, Heroku, and OAuth conquered
- Sat at 19:23 - At the bleeding edge
- Sat at 16:56 - Getting Probot working
- Sat at 15:54 - Providence at the cafe
- Sat at 15:14 - Business models for Jekyll Scheduling
- Sat at 14:48 - Negative feedback
- Sat at 14:35 - Scheduled Jekyll Posts
- Sat at 09:56 - Morning reflections
- Sat at 00:59 - First day post mortem
- Sat at 00:21 - Better navigation
- Sat at 00:03 - Working blog
- Fri at 22:56 - Setting up a blog
- Fri at 18:06 - Adventure branding
- Fri at 16:03 - Patreon Post
- Fri at 15:36 - Afternoon goals
- Fri at 13:28 - Hunger
- Fri at 13:06 - Marketing this project
- Fri at 12:40 - Machine Learning?
- Fri at 11:54 - Probot
- Fri at 11:42 - First Client!
- Fri at 11:13 - Small notes and Buffer
- Fri at 10:33 - Reputation
- Fri at 10:32 - First Contact
- Fri at 10:19 - The First Tweet
- Fri at 10:12 - Introduction

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First day post mortem

Three hours after saying I’d start work on a blog, I have one up. It’s still not entirely perfect - for instance, I need to include a section that says why I am live blogging this thing, and that this site isn’t necessarily to bring in money by itself, but to point out the efforts I am doing to make money elsewhere. This is just a way of me making the entire process public, because, frankly, that’s not a bad marketing scheme.

Now I have a headache from dealing with Jekyll, although this site was one of the easier one’s I’ve built. The question is: how did my first day go?

First, I’m unhappy with the amount of breaks I took. I didn’t work from around 2:00 until around 10:00. That’s not ideal. I did work from 9:00 to 2:00, and from 10:00 to 1:00, so, that’s actually a full workday, but I’d rather not stay up this long.

Second, I wish I had been clearer from the get-go that this journaling isn’t, in itself, useful towards making money. It’s just a way for me to be able to have other people come on board and see what I am doing. I’ve spent too much time on it, time which could have been better spent actually working on products that might bring in income. Don’t focus on the project if there’s no monetization scheme if you want money, basically - by sinking all of this time into this, I didn’t sink time elsewhere. You live, you learn. At this point, I think it’s pretty set up, so I may not have to worry about that tomorrow.

Third, I wish I had been able to enrol some others easier. I had a few offers of help, but wasn’t able to bring them on board to help out. That means all of my work is just multiplied by one. Not ideal. I’ll have to work on that tomorrow.

Fourth, I wish I had built the adventure marketing site instead of this site. But I had a need I wanted to fill - how to blog like this - and now it’s done. You win, you lose. And I do like tinkering on Jekyll sites.

Overall, I had a fantastic, enjoyable day. I made some money - thanks Dean! - got some offers for more - thanks Zach! - and learned a lot. I learned what to do, and a few things not to do. Good.

Now I’m going to bed.

Beam me home, Scotty!