Let's see how fast I can make $2117.91 USD. The goal is by end of day, Sunday March 18th.

I made it! 🎉

Income to earn: $0.00!
In the bank: $47.00.
Contracted but not yet invoiced: $2100.91.

I am live-blogging my entire process and thought patterns over the three day challenge here. Follow along!

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- Mon at 00:47 - How did it go?
- Sun at 19:14 - The crash
- Sun at 17:12 - Art
- Sun at 13:02 - Jekyll Scheduler builds on command
- Sun at 10:35 - Goal achieved
- Sun at 02:10 - Express, Heroku, and OAuth conquered
- Sat at 19:23 - At the bleeding edge
- Sat at 16:56 - Getting Probot working
- Sat at 15:54 - Providence at the cafe
- Sat at 15:14 - Business models for Jekyll Scheduling
- Sat at 14:48 - Negative feedback
- Sat at 14:35 - Scheduled Jekyll Posts
- Sat at 09:56 - Morning reflections
- Sat at 00:59 - First day post mortem
- Sat at 00:21 - Better navigation
- Sat at 00:03 - Working blog
- Fri at 22:56 - Setting up a blog
- Fri at 18:06 - Adventure branding
- Fri at 16:03 - Patreon Post
- Fri at 15:36 - Afternoon goals
- Fri at 13:28 - Hunger
- Fri at 13:06 - Marketing this project
- Fri at 12:40 - Machine Learning?
- Fri at 11:54 - Probot
- Fri at 11:42 - First Client!
- Fri at 11:13 - Small notes and Buffer
- Fri at 10:33 - Reputation
- Fri at 10:32 - First Contact
- Fri at 10:19 - The First Tweet
- Fri at 10:12 - Introduction

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Jekyll Scheduler builds on command

Ok. I’ve ordered my dirty chai latte, the champion’s drink of choice that I normally reserve for when I have a free point on my card, because it’s just that much more expensive that a normal drink. Now I’m hyped up (and still incredibly tired), it’s after 11, and I still haven’t done any substantive work today.

Incidentally, I’ve gone and looked at my student loan. It’s accrued over a dollar of interest from yesterday, so it’s not $2117.91 anymore, but it doesn’t matter - I’ll pay it off tomorrow when I can call the company and make sure that the funds go to the right account (it’s lumped with another $4,000 4.5%APR loan that I’m not worried about at the moment). That’s exciting.

Now, what’s on the docket for today? First, I want to get Jekyll Scheduler working, but I haven’t started work on that. Let’s figure out the component parts I need to set up.

Let’s go do this now. It’s 11:06.

Ok, now it’s 1:00. I’ve made that work. I’ve also made more progress, in general; I’ve enabled a form to save the repository that you want to refresh, and I’ve also saved that to the user object in the MongoDB database. I’ve also managed to figure out how to use my mLab instance locally, and how I am going to enable OAuth on the server and locally using env vars. That took a bit longer than it should have, and I should have gotten a lot of the bugs I ran across yesterday, but I’m doing good work here.

Next up: Add the actual scheduler ability. For now, though, I need some food. It’s lunch time.

Beam me home, Scotty!